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What challenges do foreign nations present over AI?

12/3/2021 4:44:15 PM      view:532

AI is a technology that has dramatically changed life in the past decade. The ability for a computer system to learn and improve itself over time has led to technologies such as smart devices, accurate speech-to-text, and intelligent systems that can change their configuration to specific user preferences. The fast-paced nature of the AI industry has IoT and other data gathering industries to thank, as, without large amounts of data, AI cannot improve itself.

However, AI also has the possibility to do significant harm to technology and society as a whole which is why some governments, such as the EU, are introducing legislation to monitor and regulate the use of AI. For example, AI will be restricted in applications that may see individuals ranked based on their credit history or political persuasion. It will be outright banned in applications that try to create social credit rankings.

While the west continues to regulate and monitor AI technology, countries such as China who have absolutely no regard for human rights, freedoms, or privacy, have pushed AI to its limits. The mass deployment of cameras, reporting systems, and social credit programs has enabled China to become the world’s most powerful nation in AI development.

This leaves the west in a problematic position; military and technology supremacy is essential, but regulations protecting citizens’ rights and freedoms keep powerful technologies such as AI from advancing.